Bicycle Derelict Art – Nowheresville SF, Sat. 2/8 6 pm

Swobo partners with All Hail the Black Market for Outsider Art exhibit at Nowheresville SF

San Francisco, California—January 30, 2014 – Swobo and All Hail the Black Market are proud to present Fahrrad Verrückter Künst, an art exhibition that brings together a collection of artists from the Bay Area at Nowheresville SF, the gallery of famed San Francisco artist Paul Urich. Fahrrad Verrückter Künst, loosely translated as Bicycle Derelict Art, opens Saturday, February 8,2014 at 483 14th Street in San Francisco and focuses on the work of artists who share a long-time commitment to the bicycle lifestyle yet do not directly draw upon the bicycle as their sole artistic inspiration.

FVK Art Show Banner

Showcasing the work of Stevil Kinevil, Alexis Knudsen, Chris McNally, Acasey Robertson, and Paul Urich, Fahhrad Verrückter Künst aims to present outsider art in the Bay Area, while drawing together artists who share a common lifestyle thread—the bicycle. “As an artist who has spent over two decades working day jobs in nearly every facet of the bike industry, my work has repeatedly been rejected from various bike art shows, because my content ‘had nothing to do with bikes’,” says Stevil Kinevil, an Oakland-based artist, founder of, and Curator of Fahrrad Verrückter Künst. “We hope to see beyond the myopia of the ‘Bicycle Art’ label and highlight the work of talented artists that value the positive role of the bicycle, but create art that isn’t self-limiting in its very essence.”

“When Stevil approached Swobo about the idea of the show we were thrilled to get involved,” says Peter Discoe, El Jefe at Swobo. “Our roots run deep in the Bay Area and our brand has always been a cultural semaphore for folks who see things differently. The gist of this show is so similar to how we see the world of bicycles and ourselves as a lifestyle brand—we don’t ascribe to a narrow definition of who we are and labels and taglines simply don’t apply.”

Fahrrad Verrückter Künst opens at 6 p.m. on February 8th, 2014 at Nowheresville SF (483 14th Street, San Francisco, CA  94103) and runs through early March.

Swobo, the original purveyor of apparel and bicycles that people like to ride, is currently based in Fort Collins, Colorado. All Hail the Black Market is an Oakland-based art and bicycle culture website available in the finest Internet browsers.

For more information, please contact:,,

Kevin Murphy | | @swobobikes

Stevil Kinevil | All Hail the Black | @stevilkinevil

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